TRANSPARTS company is a Russian company which carries out the delivery of automatic transmissions, and also repair kits and spare parts for transmissions repair.

TRANSPARTS proposes the production of the world famous producers of very high quality on the transmissions spare parts market.


The Company TRANSPARTS is one of the leader of transmission industry of Russia and C.I.S. countries. Since the foundation, one of the most important directions of the development of our business was the establishment of the long-term, mutually beneficial partner's relations as with Russian companies, in sphere of the automatic transmissions service and repair, as with companies of near and distant countries.
Among our old partner are such giants of transmission industry, as Newco Autoline GmbH, ALTO Products Corp., Transtar Industries Inc., Sussex Auto Parts, Sonnaх and others. Also we cooperate with Russian companies: AutoTransTech (a first Russian information internet portal dedicated to issues of the automatic transmission repair), Transkit, Tahoe Transmission, Centre AT MAI and others.
Today we offer the mutually beneficial cooperation to all participants of transmission market of Russia and C.I.S.:
  • The Suppliers and producers of spare parts for automatic transmission repair;
  • The Retail auto parts shops;
  • The Repair shops and centres of the technical maintenance of the vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.

TRANSPARTS company always has available a big assortment of new automatic transmissions, transmission spare parts and repair kits, special liquids and auto chemistry, literature on automatic transmission repair from the leading world producers.

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